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    30 Pet Products That Are Worth The Investment

    It's what your precious pooch or fabulous furball deserves.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Furbo camera that'll basically become your new live-in dog sitter. You can use the accompanying app to see what your pup is up to or toss a midday treat.

    2. A top entry litter box to prevent your cat from scattering litter all over the place. The grooved lid will clean your furball's paws and collect any trapped litter pieces.

    3. Or, a self-cleaning litter box so your cat can basically take care of themself and be the self-sufficient head-of-household they think they are.

    Reviewer photo of the purple domed litter box with two kittens

    4. A special shelf with a cozy faux-fur lining so your cat will have a special place to perch and watch over its kingdom... aka your apartment.

    Cat sitting on Vista perch shelf

    5. A macrame leash that's super durable and way more aesthetically pleasing than the boring one you're currently using.

    6. A chic dog bowl set so you can treat your pupper to the luxurious dining experience they truly deserve. There's even some storage space under the bowls for their favorite after-dinner toys.

    Elevated dog bowl set from Large Dog Feeders on Etsy with two large ceramic bowls

    7. A Snuggle Puppy to relieve anxiety and help make crate training a total breeze. It features a realistic pulsing heartbeat and heat pack to keep your doggo feeling safe and secure — even when those Fourth of July fireworks are going off.

    Reviewer photo showing a small puppy cuddling with its SmartPetLove snuggle puppy

    8. A chew toy set that's durable enough to keep up with even the rowdiest pup thanks to the reinforced core and 100% natural rubber.

    9. A super easy to use leave-in conditioner so you can quickly condition your dog's coat without having to subject them to yet another rinse. It's made with coconut water and rose oil to soften their fur and reduce irritation.

    Jar of MuttCosmetics Bloom Pup Oil

    10. An agility course that'll basically bring the Westminster Kennel Dog Show right to your backyard. It'll keep your pup stimulated and help get all their zoomies out.

    Product photo showing a golden retriever using the agility course

    11. A pet carrier with doors on the top and side so you can easily transport your fur baby with ease. It features mesh walls on each side so they can still be nosy and look at everything around them.

    12. An allergy supplement that contains vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants said to boost their immune system and protect them from seasonal, skin, and environmental allergies.

    13. A Bissell SpotBot Pet carpet cleaner to help any messy accidents your precious pets leave behind. The high-powered scrub brushes do all the work for you, and there's even a specific mode for set-in stains.

    14. A pet hair remover that will pick up each and every stray hair your fur baby leaves in its wake. It's perfect for restoring your couch back to its former glory or making your car's seats look presentable again.

    15. A solid shampoo to help you eliminate plastic waste and treat your pup to a much easier washing experience. Simply rub it directly on their wet fur to activate the lathery goodness.

    Dog  next to solid dog shampoos

    16. An automatic water fountain that's so cute and eye-catching it'll encourage your cat to stay properly hydrated all day long. It even comes with a silicone mat to catch any accidental spills.

    Reviewer photo showing a cat drinking from the automatic water fountain

    17. A dog car seat to keep your pupper safe and secure during their rides to the dog park. You can adjust it high enough to give your pooch a perfect view out of the window and it even has a seatbelt for extra protection.

    18. A ridiculously adorable hooded robe so your doggo can dry off while looking like the cutest baby shark you've ever seen. It'll help you reach your full my-dog-is-my-child potential.

    Dog wearing hooded shark towel

    19. A dog water bottle to make it so much easier to keep your pup hydrated while on-the-go. The portable water bowl at the top keeps things simple and mess-free so you can say goodbye to awkwardly pouring water in your dog's mouth and wasting more than half of it.

    Reviewer photo showing a dog laying next to their dog water bottle

    20. An automatic pet feeder for the picky pooch or kitty who needs their meals ready at the same time every day. You can schedule up to 12 meals and snacks — all you have to do is remember to fill it up!

    Reviewer photo showing their cat next to their automatic feeder

    21. An eye rinse to reduce irritation caused by germs and bacteria. It'll also help reduce tear stains and pesky allergies caused by smog and pollen.

    Reviewer's before and after photo showing the rinse got rid of their white dog's tear stains

    22. An Aspen self-warming bed that'll quickly become your pet's favorite place in the entire house. It'll reflect their body heat to keep them warm and cozy once the temperatures start to drop.

    Reviewer photo showing their dog laying in the dog bed

    23. An Outward hound pet life jacket to keep your puppy safe when you spend the afternoon lounging by the pool like you both deserve.

    24. Folding pet steps so your ball of fluff can easily climb up on the bed and distract you from all the work you're supposed to be doing.

    Product photo showing a corgi sitting next to pet steps

    25. A handheld dog shower attachment that will basically become your own live-in dog groomer — except its services are way less expensive. You can easily install it on your shower or garden hose so you can give your pooch a seriously relaxing rinse.

    26. An activity mat to keep them mentally stimulated while searching for their treats, which means you'll actually have time to kick back and eat your meals in peace.

    Reviewer photo showing two dogs playing with the activity mat

    27. A cat cave that is way more chic and decorative than your typical cat condo. It's made of 100% felted wool that'll stand up to scratches and makes it look like a sleek piece of modern décor.

    Product photo showing four caves from Wooly Cat Caves

    28. A Barkbox subscription so you can treat your pupperooni to a monthly box filled with delicious treats and durable toys. It's about time your pup gets as many packages as you do.

    Product photo showing a Bark Box and some things that might come inside it each month

    29. A dog carrier backpack so you can tote your pupper around everywhere you go. They'll feel safe in the front-facing pouch and still have a clear view of everything around them.

    Person walking a dog while carrying another in a red backpack on their back

    30. And an anxiety jacket that applies gentle yet constant pressure to help relieve any nerves brought out by fireworks, thunder, or separation anxiety. They'll be totally zen in no time.

    Reviewer's dog wearing the vest with five-star Amazon caption that say "worked like a charm on the 4th"

    Your pets living their best life, like they deserve: