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    YouTubers Are Fighting Over This Picture And Here's Why

    A mess.

    You probably know controversial YouTuber Logan Paul.

    And you may have heard of YouTuber Grayson Dolan:

    Well I saw some tweets about them having drama and being the drama-craving individual I am, I decided to investigate.

    Here's what happened. Grayson kinda put his foot in his mouth last week when he uploaded this picture on his Snapchat story, saying, "I never see these types of clouds here 😍."

    Little did he know, it was actually smoke clouds from the wildfires ravaging California right now:

    After the snafu became a pretty dark meme on Twitter, Logan Paul took the opportunity to call out Grayson for his mistake, saying, "That's cuz it's a fkn wildfire g."

    that’s cuz it’s a fkn wildfire g

    To which Grayson replied:

    Damn. But the drama doesn't end there.

    Popular beauty blogger James Charles chimed in, calling Logan an imbecile:

    Which THEN led to Logan's brother Jake chiming in with this gif:

    @jamescharles @LoganPaul everyone stay calm

    I'm not super well-versed in YouTube culture, so I have questions. Do they all not get along?? Why didn't Jake defend his brother more??? Do YouTubers make more money when they fight??

    Ugh, let me know your thoughts on this mess in the comments below!