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15 Types Of People Who Truly Are The Worst Of The Worst During This Pandemic


1. The ones who go to crowded bars:

Just drove through Wrigleyville. Every bar on Clark Street has a long line of people ingreen regalia waiting to get drunk and spread a virus.

2. And crowded workouts:

like your hip hop yoga class can fucking wait i promise

3. And beaches:

Clearwater Beach, Florida is PACKED today despite "social distancing" recommendations. https://t.co/WzGydcP1Ja

4. Oh... and dance parties, come on:

Several attendees of the Winter Party Festival, a weeklong LGBTQ event in Miami that ended March 10, have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to festival organizers. https://t.co/c8YbOrFrZ5

Miami Herald / Getty

5. The ones who share fake news articles and screenshots, like this:

6. The ones who overstock:

@AngelaKinsey I went to Walmart this morning and this was the cart in front of me at 9 am. I need some explanations 🤯🥚

7. Especially when the items expire:

But the milk gonna go bad... Why??

8. The ones who hurt people to get supplies:

She had a whole cart of toilet paper...bruh can we act like decent human beings again? The poor old lady was just tryna get her one pack. 🤦🏾‍♂️ #DoBetter

9. The ones who keep their gyms open:

. @Equinox refused to close and now the inventible has happened: a member who was infected with #COVIDー19 came to the gym, almost certainly spreading the virus.

10. The people who don't let their workers have off:

11. The heads of companies who won't give their workers paid leave — like, be more like these comapnies:

List of stores that are closing AND paying their employees during it because, like, they actually care about them: -Lush -Urban Outfitters -Fossil -Hollister -Warby Parker -Nike -LuluLemon -Apple + more Good to know.

12. The people using COVID-19 to shoot their shot:

13. The people suggesting vitamins will be a fix-all:

14. And any celeb that does the same:

But you have a built-in system in your body that was perfectly designed to keep you healthy if you fuel it properly. Eat fruits in the morning, stay as far from animal products as possible, drink water, drink herbal teas and eat ur veggies💕✨

15. And lastly, the people not washing their hands: