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13 Of The Most Unbelievably Selfish People In The Entire World


The most selfish people in the world? Well, that'd be...

1. Every single person in this line:

Just drove through Wrigleyville. Every bar on Clark Street has a long line of people ingreen regalia waiting to get drunk and spread a virus.

2. And this line:

3. And this one, too:

Waiting on line to get into a packed Second Avenue bar... Millennial Darwinism.

4. Every single person who thinks they're invincible in line for this bar:

@AlexPalombo @PoPville @SaufHausDC Here’s that line I took from across the street. It was really bad - that bar is tiny and should not have been open and packed today

5. And this bar:

No St. Patrick’s Day parade, but not everyone is #SocialDistancing in Southie this weekend. Long lines at every bar.

6. And this one, too:

South Boston is doomed....#COVIDー19

7. How hard is it to stay home?

@theferocity This is a line of people waiting to get into an already packed bar at 1pm today

8. Beer's cheaper at home!

Update, the bar at the other corner of the street has an even bigger line. And every bar/restaurant around here just seem super crowded in general. We are doing great.

9. People don't die when you stay home!

Photo from FB page of Stephen Gasteyer - line to get into the bar in E. Lansing today...

10. No one coughs on you at home!

11. Do you really need to spend $15 on a cocktail that badly?

There's a line to go to the bar across my apartment. I've never even seen this bar crowded before. Is that... good?

12. Is the Instagram really worth it?

every bar/resto in our area was packed last one is taking this seriously and so now we wait until we’re forced to take it seriously...hope it was worth it for that slice of pizza for your instagr*m

13. Just stay the hell home:

Michigan State students are out The bars are full There’s cans on the sidewalk It is Saturday