These 16 Tweets From This Weekend Alone Are Enough To Make You LOL Multiple Times

    Not the Steve Harvey pics...

    Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    Twitter: @OffsetYRN


    Just completed a 3 minute task I put off for 4 months, everyone clap

    Twitter: @urdadssidepiece / Via Variety


    “my child is completely fine” your child calls taylor swift and joe alwyn mom and dad

    Twitter: @cowboyinwoods13


    Gen Z is trying to learn how to do the jerk on tik tok. Dang we really getting old yall.

    Twitter: @___inCANdescent


    being in ur 20s is all about spending at least $40 accidentally every day

    Twitter: @KmtfdMina


    Y’all look at this. My friend proposed to her girl and this was her reaction. 🤣😍🤣 SHE SAID YES BTW.

    Twitter: @_lyricverse


    Me: works all day to provide a good life for my cat My cat:

    Twitter: @memesiwish


    Twitter: @QuesadaIvy / Via @IAmSteveHarvey


    "She's a ho" Okay and? Ho + me = home We tryna buiId

    Twitter: @ClitPizza


    when a male author writes a female character

    Twitter: @goingonajournie


    me ordering chicken tenders fried and a shirley temple at the 5 star restaurant

    Twitter: @DemetriusHarmon / Via WWE


    Picky eaters when they heard the news about the chicken tender shortage

    Twitter: @laurrrelyse / Via TLC


    I think there should be advent calendars for all 12 months. I deserve a little treat every day. Every single day.

    Twitter: @whatmaddness


    Twitter: @AbbyHiggs


    I love a short king. Like come here bitch, you want uppies?

    Twitter: @sabinameschke


    a lot of negative shit can be said about dog breeding and what we’ve done to the majestic wolf over the centuries but the fact that english bulldogs are born with what seems to be an inherent desire to skateboard is nothing short of beautiful

    Twitter: @YuckyTom

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