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Oct 27, 2019

23 Pop Culture Moments That Are Equal Parts Bizarre And Iconic

LOL @ Sharon Osbourne pouring a drink on Megan from Rock of Love.

1. When Demi Lovato said her favorite dish was a mug:

6. Demi Lovato’s favorite dish is a mug

2. When Ms. Juicy covered Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy":

Who introduced Ms.Juicy to Billie Eilish & why did she body this verse😭

3. When Kylie Jenner sang "Ruhiiiiiiise and Shiiiine":

4. When Christina Aguilera's spray tan dripped during Etta James' funeral:

Toby Canham / Getty Images

5. When Sharon Osbourne poured a drink on Megan from Rock of Love for dissing Ozzy:


6. When James Charles sang "Stone Cold":

7. When someone asked Paris Hilton for a picture and stepped right in front of Kim K:

8. When Madonna did a Q&A and there was a rat in the background:

9. When Jesy Nelson thought THIS was a Jamaican accent:

Happy 26th Balegdeh to @LittleMix's Jesy Nelson!

10. When Oprah pretended she knew the lyrics to Mariah Carey's song:

Oprah pretending to know the lyrics to Mariah's We Belong Together is my new favourite thing in the entire world.


11. And when Beyoncé rightfully interpreted her name as a compliment:


12. When Nikki Blonsky iconically gave a tour of her West Virginia hotel:

I think about this video of Nikki Blonsky giving a tour of her West Virginia hotel room almost every day

13. When Christina Aguilera threw her gum at fans:

14. When Gwyneth Paltrow covered "Fuck You" by CeeLo and then performed it with him at the Grammys:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

15. When Whitney and Bobby did a synchronized dance while trying on sunglasses in their reality show:

16. When Tyra Banks told the world to kiss her ass:


17. When Britney Spears found out Ryan Seacrest wasn't gay and was stunned:

iHeart Radio

18. When Meghan Trainor invented falling:


19. When Leonardo DiCaprio made this face after Gaga walked by him at the Golden Globes:


20. And when Kim took selfies while Khloé was going to jail:


21. When Katy Perry danced like this:


22. When Jessica Simpson told Ellen in May that her husband massages her — while he's sleeping:


23. And lastly, Jennifer Holliday did this on American Idol:

このパフォーマンスのおば様のエネルギー爆発が大好きすぎて、見て欲しい 当時16歳のジェシカもめっちゃ上手いのにジェシカ喰いそうなジェニファーホリデー様の歌声よ… Jessica & Jennifer Holliday: And I…


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