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25 Times Celebrities Clapped Back At Haters In 2017

"Then keep your eyes open bitch." — Cher, to a hater

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25. When Cher bodied this fan for implying that she's a liar:

24. When someone accused Jennifer Lopez of photoshopping her Insta, and she owned them via hashtags:

23. When Kiersey Clemons hilariously replied to someone shaming her armpit hair:

22. When Chrissy Teigen clapped back at someone who said Donald Trump was the best thing to ever happen to her:

21. When Demi Lovato tweeted this about Halsey, after Halsey criticized her song "Cool For The Summer" in Paper magazine.

You know a song is a hit when people are still talking about the lyrics two years later. 💁🏻#shhhhdonttellyourmother

20. When Andy Murray corrected a sexist reporter:

Andy Murray may have lost, but nothing got past him post-match... #Wimbledon

19. When Rachel from The Bachelorette responded to this person's racist tweet:

18. When Kevin Durant went back at this guy who came for him:

17. When Kim pulled out these receipts to dispute the Daily Mail's article that she has North wearing a corset.

16. When P!nk tweeted this after a troll said her only relevant music video was with Christina Aguilera:

15. When J.K. Rowling put this troll in his place:

14. When Caitlyn Jenner served Jimmy Kimmel an in-person clapback for mocking her transition:


13. When Rihanna ended her body-shamers with this meme:

Instagram: @badgalriri

12. And when Hilary Duff did the same with this Insta caption after being body-shamed.

11. When Nicole Kidman iconically called Giada De Laurentiis's pizza "tough" after Giada was rude.


10. When Halsey roasted someone who said she couldn't be a feminist and show her boobs:

9. When Diplo "I don't know her"-ed Katy Perry after she ranked him worst in bed:

8. When Alicia Keys had the best comeback to Adam Levine, who caught her putting on a lil makeup:


7. When Simone Biles had the perfect response when the judges asked why she wasn't smiling:


6. And when she owned someone who said she was a bad role model.

5. When Nick Jonas gave a rude fan a lesson in manners:

4. When Mo'Nique dragged Oprah AND Tyler Perry in her comedy act:

3. When Zendaya stepped in to annihilate a body-shamer on Twitter:

When you try to put a beautiful woman down, but the universe has bigger plans 😌

2. When Sharon Osbourne savagely clapped back at Kendall and Kylie over their clothing line:

1. And last but certainly not least, when Taylor Swift had the most badass comebacks during her trial:

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