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    12 Times Celebs Really Clapped Back Or Threw Shade This Week

    *Claps for these clapbacks*

    1. Kelly Clarkson called out iHeartRadio for allegedly not playing her record:

    ....except for getting my songs played on your stations. I guess I’m cool enough to invite but not cool enough to play my record. #truth #check #seeyasaturday HAHAHAHAHAHA #MeaningOfLife

    2. Lili Reinhart clapped back at a fan who called her a "cringey bitch":

    3. Kelly Ripa brilliantly replied to this hater:

    4. Dylan Sprouse jokingly shaded his brother's photo shoot:

    5. Joe Manganiello went back at someone making fun of his wife:

    6. And Sofia fired back:

    7. Kate Beckinsale was not here for someone calling her dress "heinous":

    8. Khloé Kardashian called out Life&Style:

    9. Gus Kenworthy hilariously called out people who didn't get his sarcasm:

    10. Hillary Duff told this pap off:

    11. Kanye West called out Drake:

    12. And Millie Bobby Brown clapped back at people criticizing her friendship with Drake:

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