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12 Awkward Moments From The VMAs

John Travolta, that is not Taylor Swift.

1. John Travolta handed the moon person to the wrong Taylor Swift

John Travolta mistaking Jade Jolie for Taylor Swift. 👏DRAG 👏RACE 👏EXCELLENCE


2. Adriana Lima said, "What's up, New York?" to a New Jersey crowd:

The #mtv #vmas in Newark, NJ. Surprising the supermodel got it wrong. Adriana Lima. #mtv #vma #vmas2019


3. The VMAs countdown clock cut off a lot of celebrities.

4. People were not here for Sebastian Maniscalco mocking "safe spaces"

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco was host of the MTV VMA’s and opened by saying there’s a safe space in the back if you feel triggered or offended. Millennial twitter didn’t take well to it... #MTVVMAs #VMAs2019

5. Normani's audio glitched, but she still killed it, OMG:

when she tripped on stage, she made it look like part of the choreo. when her mic pack fell off & she couldn't hear anything, she gave us a split. and now, with her audio glitching, she gave a fire #VMAs performance. yeah, Normani is a supreme performer

6. Normani's jacket wouldn't come off at first, and her dancer almost ripped her arm off:

7. This person realized this awkward, shady fact 👀:

How is it that there is an ENTIRE award show dedicated to Music Videos (cough cough @vmas @MTV) yet NOT A SINGLE DIRECTOR is ever mentioned? Where do you think this videos come from? Who comes up with the concepts? Who makes them? 🤦🏻‍♀️

8. People thought Camila Cabello was lip-synching:

WHAT IN THE LIP SYNC IS GOING ON @Camila_Cabello your jaw doesn’t match the vocals sis... why is it movin so damn much lol

9. Lil Nas X and Bobby Lytes had this awkward moment:

This was awkward 😂 🥴 #lilnasx #bobbylytes #vmas #mtv #oldtimeroad #TheyKnowInfo

10. And Bobby photobombed the host:

11. Lizzo went home empty-handed, despite her four nominations:

12. And lastly, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello had an awkward non-kiss:

Notice any more awk moments from the VMAs? Let us know in the comments below!