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    Y'all, I Love These 16 Tweets Just From This Weekend Alone

    "I like my music at a volume where I can't hear you."

    Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    Twitter: @dubstep4dads


    girls will say “this is my comfort film” and it’s Gone Girl

    Twitter: @RubezyK


    when the when it gets song starts to the part from TikTok

    Twitter: @chescaleigh


    Chris Pratt blasting Christian rock in the woods after being cyberbullied

    Twitter: @TomZohar


    this girl is telling me about the movies she ranks on her IMDb account. she rated “teen beach movie” a 10 and “shawshank redemption” a 9

    Twitter: @kristoferthomas


    drunk in a cvs. i’m not lost. i’m home

    Twitter: @CaucasianJames


    Showed the customs officer my Instagram to prove I’m an actress and he was like “this doesn’t mean anything to me”

    Twitter: @Rachel_Sennott


    I just told a story at work about my childhood that I thought was really funny but now everyone is super quiet and someone said I’m so sorry

    Twitter: @realnorireed


    I be hearing bs and look at the imaginary camera like

    Twitter: @GOD_SPEEDXVII


    Aaron Rodgers didn’t get the Jeopardy gig but still managed to become a host

    Twitter: @MohanadElshieky


    Twitter: @myelessar


    Eight years ago I entered the local library’s library card design contest not knowing it was for children and absolutely dominated. Then they made me accept the award at city hall with the kids I beat. 😂

    Twitter: @trevorgrogers


    i like my music at a volume where i can't hear you

    Twitter: @sadbotonli


    When you & shawty listening to summer walker album together & she slap you for no reason

    Twitter: @Meechydabarber


    Chris Pratt won't see your mean jokes, but one of your friends who is voiced by Chris Pratt will

    Twitter: @LloBrow


    the masculine urge to sit on the toilet and disassociate for 45 minutes

    Twitter: @MILFWEEED

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