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    12 Times Celeb Exes Got Into It On Insta

    It goes downnnnnn on Insta.

    1. When Calvin said Taylor Swift "controlled the media" when it came to their relationship:

    Instagram: @

    This comment came after Taylor and Calvin broke up. Following the comments, Calvin clarified that he and Taylor were "all good."

    2. When Dove Cameron posted a new pic of her boyfriend and then said this about her ex, Ryan McCartan, in the comments:

    Dove and Ryan reportedly called off their engagement after years of being together. Ryan seemingly responded in a tweet, saying. "Take the high road, there's less traffic."

    3. When Lil Xan said Noah Cyrus used him:

    4. And then Noah called him out for having a hickey:

    5. When Blac Chyna called out Rob for pretending he took a pic of Dream, when she was the one who sent it to him:

    @robkardashian / Instagram

    You can read a full explainer of this drama here. Rob captioned this Instagram, "I really miss this girl, never felt so in love with somebody the way I do with you Dream! Look she has her thumbs up. Never thought a woman would try to take my happiness when all I wanted was to make her happy. Man this is awful. Closing my eyes cuz this is draining." Chyna then wiped all traces of him from her Insta.

    6. And then when he went back at her for blocking him:

    @robkardashian / Instagram

    7. When Ronnie from Jersey Shore called out his ex for having videos of her ex:

    Instagram: @realronniemagro

    Ronnie and his ex have a history of beefing publicly, which you can read here. Ronnie ha since apologized for airing their business publicly.

    8. And then when she called him a coke head:

    9. When Hilary Duff commented on this Insta that talked about Aaron Carter dating her and Lindsay Lohan:

    10. When Selena Gomez said Justin Bieber cheated on her:

    Instagram: @

    Basically, Justin posted his debut with now-fiance Hailey Baldwin. Because everyone loved Selena, the post received a large backlash. Justin then captioned the photo saying, "I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that I like," which lead to this rare back and forth Insta-beef between Justin and Selena.

    11. And he said she used him for fame:

    12. And finally, and then when she had his fans' backs:

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