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    This Picture Taken Exactly Nine Years Ago Is A Reminder Of How Much Has Changed

    Beanies and fedoras.

    This is a photo that exists.

    It was taken exactly nine years ago, today.

    And in my opinion, this picture doesn't get enough credit. It represents a different era — a

    BBC One

    A world where multiple Grammy Award winner Bruno Mars is starstruck by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz:

    A world where these were on every single one of your pictures:

    A world where fedoras were semi-acceptable:

    A world where beanies in the summer was a thing:

    ...yup, there's a hidden beanie right here too:

    A world dominated by graphic tees:

    A world where Fall Out Boy was on Billboard's Hot 100, and Bruno wasn't there yet.

    I miss that world.

    Because this new world just doesn't compare to the world of fedoras, beanies, and Kodak timestamps.

    Island Records

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