Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Might Be Collaborating And I'm Shaking...

    I love this. 🌴

    Taylor Swift has been posting pictures that have fans convinced she's dropping a new album — a follow-up to her masterpiece known as Reputation.

    She first posted a pic of SEVEN palm trees emojis, then a pic of her sitting on the SIXTH step of a staircase, and then a pic of her looking through a gate with FIVE holes:

    Fans also noticed that she hinted at palm trees before, i.e. during Bleachella and the Reputation magazine:

    So, obviously, fans have been on the lookout for palm trees. Ryan Tedder — who Taylor has worked with on 1989 — changed his header to palm trees:

    And KATY freakin' Perry posted an Instagram a month ago with...PALM TREES:

    Plus, on that same jacket with palm trees, Taylor had a flamingo patch. Guess who just posted with flamingos? KATY.

    One fan realized that palm trees symbolize "triumph, peace, and eternal life."

    PEACE! Remember last year when Taylor and Katy ended their feud when Katy sent her an olive branch.

    Swifties — aka better detectives than all — are piecing things together and thinking there may be a collab coming:

    Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are rumored to be working with the producer Ryan Tedder for a new collaboration, set to be part of Taylor's 7th studio album.Taylor, Katy,and Ryan are all been hinting the same things with different posts about palm trees and flamingos. @blessedswifty

    Not trying to be loud.....but olive branches and palm trees are both symbols for peace..........are we getting a taylor swift and katy perry collab I NEED TO KNOW

    Katy standing in front of a palm tree, what if we get a Katy and Taylor collab

    Taylor Swift and Katy Perry working on a collaboration for TS7 😭❤️ I’m kinda excited 🤩

    Ok, I'm shaking. I deserve this. The world deserves this. PLEASE HAPPEN. Bye!