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OMG Katy Perry Just Sent Taylor Swift A Note And An Olive Branch And Jsadklasjdadlk

I'm shaking, you guys.

So, by now you know Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been in a wild feud.

Remember we got diss tracks "Bad Blood" and "Swish Swish" from it?

Ok, well, on Tuesday, Taylor Swift was sharing backstage moments from her tour rehearsals when suddenly she shows a package thing from KATY PERRY. Katy sent her an OLIVE BRANCH and a NOTE.

For those of you who don't know, the olive branch is a symbol of peace, i.e., it seems Katy wants to put her feud with Taylor aside once and for all.

Taylor captioned the Insta story with "Thank you Katy" and during the video said, "So I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me."

I have pretty good eyes, but the most I could make out on the note was the greeting, "Dear Old Friend — I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the feelings between us I really want to clear the air, I am deeply sorry for..."

WOW, this makes me so happy. Both of them are incredible artists and I'm so glad that their feud is (seemingly) coming to an end!!

Like, remember they performed "Hot n Cold" together??

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And tweeted at each other jokes and ish??

@taylorswift13 You're as sweet as pie! Let's write a song together about the subject we know best... for my new record. It'll be brilliant~

@katyperry / Twitter

It's time for THAT friendship to come back. I'm sofa king ready for it. HBU? Let me know in the comments.