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14 Suuuper Awkward Moments From The 2018 Emmy Awards

Why is Jeff Daniels talking about horses so much??????

1. Trevor Noah got one of the carpet decorations stuck to him:

David Crotty / Getty Images

2. John Legend accidentally blended in to the carpet backdrop:

3. Regina King got lipstick on her dress moments before winning her Emmy:


4. Kirsten Dunst couldn't find her seat:

5. The camera caught Issa Rae checking her phone during Betty White's standing ovation moment:



6. Michael Che told this funny-but-sadly-accurate joke:


7. Bill Hader hugged Atlanta character Teddy Perkins after his win was announced...


...and then admitted he didn't know who he had just hugged:

8. Winners had these oversized looming images behind them during their speeches:

Petition to stop next year's #Emmys from using the gigantic images of winners behind their speeches, thanks!

9. Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen's Emmy's history bit didn't get many laughs:


10. And a lot of people considered the presenters, skits, and overall show to be awkward and low-energy.

11. There were some awkward silences/weird pacing throughout:

12. Matthew Rhys, who won the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, kind of shaded that cute proposal moment everyone loved:


13. Game of Thrones won Outstanding Drama Series when many considered the nominated season to be one of the show's worst:


14. And lastly, Jeff Daniels talked about horses a lot in his speech:


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