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15 Professors Who Prove Students Aren't The Only Ones Who Fail In College.

Professors fail too.

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1. This professor, who should've practiced what most professors preach and proofread:

Instagram: @aster42

2. And this professor, who accidentally said "tests" were "testes."

3. This professor, who tried — and failed — to ride a hover board:

4. This professor, who taught a whole lecture not knowing this was behind them:

5. And this professor, who gave one class a quiz from a different class they were teaching:

6. And this professor, who gave unfair exams a whole new meaning:

And our professor wonders why we don't do well on her quizzes... #ProfessorFail

7. This professor, who either fell for this student's reverse psychology or doesn't know how to round:

A little reverse psychology. Not sure that it will work everytime, but you gotta take a risk sometimes.

8. This professor, who sent an adult link instead of the assignment:

9. And this professor, who sent a rude email because he thought everyone skipped his class. It was an online class:

10. This professor, who dropped her spaghetti:

The sociology department is a professor accidentally threw her spaghetti on the floor😂

11. And this professor, who knows he failed:

12. This professor, who didn't have a ride to class:

I accidentally went to class today because I didn't see this message that it was cancelled. Here's a peak into what my Comp professor is like. (The one I tweet about occasionally)

13. And this professor, who hit F instead of A (!!!) for a student's grade:

14. And this professor, who did the opposite and accidentally gave someone an 116% on a quiz:

15. And last but not least, this professor, who accidentally projected this on the screen:

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