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14 Cheaters Who Almost Got Away With It...But Didn't

Carrie Underwood voice: "Maybe next time he'll think..."

1. This cheater was caught by a stranger...

dear Hannah the nursing student in Dallas, i heard ur bf @ the taco stand this morning, talking about how many times he’s cheated on u since he’s been back at baylor......... he’s trash. dump him.

2. ...and then eventually dumped by his girlfriend:

I dumped him, just to update everyone https://t.co/9PJ9GpmzV5

3. This viral cheater (dubbed #SameBae) was caught after one of his girlfriends became colleagues with the other.

The FIRST name in her search bar was my boyfriend's Instagram page ...

In my head im literally praying she doesn't click on his page ........ But she does

4. This cheater got caught and became a super popular reaction picture:

Her reaction to getting caught cheating is the funniest thing ever 😂😂😂😂😂

5. This cheater was caught and got karma immediately:

Y’all I’m watching Cheaters and this man got caught cheating. So his gf decides to go kiss someone else like he did

6. This cheater got caught on Twitter:

Men with this physique really do something to me. I’m down on bended knee fr fr 🥺😍😍😍


8. This basketball player, Klay Thompson, got called out by his girlfriend, who used him as a meme:

9. This cheater was caught because of a good Samaritan baseball fan:

10. This cheater was clearly caught by Halsey:

11. This cheater exposed himself in Burger King's comment section:

12. And this catty cheater was caught, OMG:

13. This cheater was caught because of dog poop:

14. And lastly, this cheater got what he deserved:

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