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People Are Saying Ryan Gosling Is Too Old To Play Ken In "Barbie," And It Reeks Of Ageism

He's hot, idc...

As you probably saw, the trailer for the upcoming Barbie film dropped. It stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, respectively.

Closeup of Margot Robbie as Barbie

It looks super fun, colorful, and exciting. Fans have already started meme-ing it, too:

she’s everything he’s just ken

ABC / @pickdempeo2 / Via Twitter: @pickdempeo2

And aside from the aesthetic and memes, both the stars look great!

Screenshot from "Barbie"

However, some people have decided it's a good idea to diss Ryan Gosling.

Closeup of Ryan Gosling as Ken

Many people said he's too old, calling out his wrinkles and appearance.

Closeup of Ryan Gosling as Ken

The good news — a lottttt of people defended the 42-year-old actor:

All ya’ll talking bout Ryan Gosling not being “the perfect Ken” are insane because only an AC-TOR could have us in a chokehold with a line as simple as “cause we’re girfriendboyfrien” https://t.co/gjXXihyyAt

Warner Bros. /@keatingssixth / Via Twitter: @keatingssixth

“ryan gosling is too old to play ken”

@villleneuve / Twitter: @villleneuve / Via Netflix

One account pointed out that Ken is actually 62 years old, so the critiques aren't even valid.

Closeup of Ryan Gosling as Ken

Literally, though, the critique reeks of ageism.

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie as Ken and Barbie

Also, Ryan is hot as fuck!!! Like????

Ryan Gosling as Ken

Ryan hasn't responded to the critiques, but we'll update you if he does.