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    Non-Rich People Are Sharing Questions They Have For Rich People, And Honestly, I Want Answers ASAP

    Why do rich people never have a phone case????

    I must admit, lighthearted dragging is my favorite, so I recently wrote a post about questions people on Twitter have for rich people. Our BuzzFeed Community commenters came through and added some questions of their own.

    A wealthy couple sitting at a restaurant table outside enjoying a bottle of white wine
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    So here are a mix of the shady/accurate questions that non-rich people have for rich people.


    why do rich people buy huge tan and brown couches? ugly hotel room ass taste

    Twitter: @nh_hell


    Why do rich people throw their money in water ?

    Twitter: @_JaquelCiarra

    3. "Why are rich men's trousers always in dark red, mustard, or racing green?"


    A rich man smiling widely while holding a cigar in one hand and a croquet mallet in the other
    Hill Street Studios / Getty Images


    Why do rich people with easy access to clean water and bathing products choose to be this nasty

    Twitter: @666GETOU


    why do rich people never have phone cases omg

    Twitter: @eviloobnar

    6. "Why do rich people my age have their collars up like they're their parents in the 1980s?"



    why do rich people always have like a glass of whiskey in shows

    Twitter: @ashton_lu19


    Why do rich people insist on wearing winter coats in the summer?

    Twitter: @_Venabme

    9. "Why do wealthy solicitors collect courtroom anecdotes and antique pencil sketches of horses?"


    A wealthy man sitting in the back of a luxury car
    Blake Little / Getty Images


    Why do rich people act surprised when they get expensive gifts or expensive cars. Lol your fucking rich you can the that shocked.

    Twitter: @whoahdee__

    11. "Why do rich people always have really awful tattoos?"



    Just spent 20 minutes driving around a rich area looking at houses I just have one question why do rich people not like curtains? do they just want you to look inside?

    Twitter: @Huemen_

    13. “Why is it always a Labrador, Lurcher, or Greyhound for old money families in the countryside?”



    why do rich people want to be like poor people so badly though

    Twitter: @lesbiabchuu


    why do rich people always have the ugliest fits like…………is that the trade off for money? you gotta sacrifice the drip?

    Twitter: @rpdjns


    Why do rich people have white ass top veneers and then their bottom teeth look like wood planks

    Twitter: @chanlerseth

    17. "Why are rich people painfully tight-fisted on services and bills and yet, spend loads on goods they won't even remember owning in a few months' time?"


    A person on their phone as they enjoy a latte and a slice of pie
    D3sign / Getty Images

    18. "I have one question for rich people: Why do you feel it is just to pay a disproportionately small amount (if any) taxes, in comparison to your income?"



    why do rich people flex their food that was $1,000 a plate like that is one singular lettuce leaf no one is impressed

    Twitter: @brihindthescene


    Why do rich people get offended when you say they’re rich lol

    Twitter: @ltsJustGreg

    21. "My question for rich people is: Why are you always the only ones not paying a round of drinks when you hang out with your way poorer friends? Annoying."


    Well, y'all, sound off in the comments with answers, rebuttals, and whatever you want. Be nice :)