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19 People Who Are Quarantining In 3020 While We're In 2020

They snapped.

1. This guy made a Zoom background of himself:

So, I made a custom Zoom background for my next meeting where I bring myself a cup of tea.

2. This girl made her balcony into a beautiful lounge:

Almost died making this happen. But here’s my balcony before and after. 🥰✨

3. This reporter made a stan-tastic face mask:

Take me out, and take me home, You're my, my, my, my... Face mask. #TaylorSwift

4. This woman made a brilliant, easily accessible face mask:

the human mind amazes me every day

5. This girl figured out a new way to send a "sexy pic":

I asked this chick for a sexy pic and she sent this shit 🙄

6. This person figured out a smart way to do dishes:

I’ve done my fair share of dishes during quarantine, there’s nothing worse than washing dishes with leftovers in the sink 😖. This is a game changer! Only at

7. This dad found a way to celebrate his son's achievement, since people can't celebrate with parties and whatnot right now:

It felt weird, maybe even futile, to celebrate my achievement at home, esp as the pandemic exacerbates an already vanishing job market. But, I gotta say, this ostentatious display of support from my Dad, who didn't graduate high school, has got me feeling proud of myself today.

8. This person built their dog a living room:

Living room renovation + dogs own space 🥺

9. This girl created the Fine Line album cover:

Harry Styles Fine Line...but making the cover a black girl ✨

10. This wife created a movie theater experience:

My wife “took” me on a date to the movies. It was stupid cute and VERY expensive. 💜

11. And this brother made his sister a Sleeping Beauty cake:

My brother made me the birthday cake from Sleeping Beauty 😭😭😭

12. This person's house is the ultimate 3020 quarantine because they have a retractable roof:

13. This neighbor made a window cleaner with a mop:

14. This person made a squirrel a picnic table:

2 weeks of isolation and we're out here making picnic tables for squirrels because we're insane

15. This guy made rugs from his favorite albums:

We made my favourite albums as handmade rugs.

16. This guy found a genius way to cut the hair on the back of his head:

We're all living in 2020 meanwhile this dudes living in the yr 3020:>

17. This guy found a way to mount his tablet for easy bingeing:

We are all living in 2020. while this guy is living in 3020.

18. This duo created a fun drawing game:

트친이랑 만나면 이거 하고샆다

19. And lastly, this family is a mood during quarantine with their homemade alcoholic ice pop:

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