17 Reactions To The Viral, Controversial Peloton Commercial

    "Hear me out: a portable peloton that will move as you pedal it."

    Last week, this Peloton commercial went viral. It shows a husband gifting his wife a Peloton bike.

    Nothing says “maybe you should lose a few pounds” like gifting your already rail thin life partner a Peloton

    In it, the wife using the Peloton obsessively. "Five days in a row. Are you surprised? I am," she says.

    The ad was widely criticized:

    @SirajAHashmi This add doesn't make it seem like anyone would want this. It speaks to obsession.

    Even Ryan Reynolds capitalized on the viral moment and had the actress star in his gin commercial:

    The internet, however, does what it tends to do and turned the moment into a meme that is hilarious, while still being critical. Here's some I found:


    I *knew* I'd seen that #peloton face before!


    @aswadrodz Think John Goodman was keeping her captive? No..he clearly gave her a #peloton bike, and has a viewing window to make sure she's using it.


    I want the Peloton ad where someone piles clothes on it for a year and takes pictures of the pile’s growth and feels just fine about it


    if I had a husband who got me a peloton to remind me to stay skinny i would get my little ass on the seat bc if he has peloton cash I can put up with some shit


    So sweet. My husband was inspired by the Peloton ad to get me a pair of pants in a child’s medium and a handwritten note that says “Don’t fucking touch me till you can fit into these”


    I know the Peloton commercial told me to get my significant other an exercise bike for her birthday, but this isn’t my first rodeo. I’m going to go ahead and not sleep on the couch.



    hear me out: a portable peloton that will move as you pedal it


    🎶 Take me down to the Peloton city where the wives are lean and the men are shitty 🎶


    No offense to the Peloton lady but if your Christmas gift to me is just a video of you using the Christmas gift I got you last year then you’re not getting another Christmas present from me again



    I'm nervous. I've never ridden a stationary bike. It is the scariest thing I've ever done in my entire life. Even worse than giving birth. I'm terrified. Please help me, Peloton.


    When you get your wife a Peloton and then check Twitter


    Throughout my life strangers have, unprompted, told me “don’t be afraid” and I’m starting to think I have Resting Worried Face like the Peloton lady!!! 😬😬😬😬


    My face when I found out about how much a Peloton bike costs..


    My only take on the peloton ad is that I think it would have been a much cooler ad if the big twist at the end was that her phone was actually just a piece of cardboard with a little face drawn on it


    If my husband doesnt buy me a Peloton I'm riding my regular bike straight to Divorce Court