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Alicia Keys Had The Best Response When Adam Levine Called Her Out For Using Makeup

~No one~ calls out Alicia.

You probably know that Alicia Keys — host of The Voice, winner of 15 Grammys, Queen of Everything™ — doesn't wear makeup anymore.

And still, this girl is on fire.

Well two weeks ago, Alicia's cohost on The Voice, Adam Levine, was on The Howard Stern Show, where he was asked about Alicia being makeup-free.

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Levine, who said Keys is "so great," said he once saw her putting on a little and tried to jokingly call her out:

And Alicia replied accordingly with "I do what the fuck I want."

As you should, Alicia.

This is proof that no one, no one, NO ONE can/should come for Alicia.

Alicia: 1. Adam: 0.