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Alicia Keys Had The Best Response When Adam Levine Called Her Out For Using Makeup

~No one~ calls out Alicia.

You probably know that Alicia Keys — host of The Voice, winner of 15 Grammys, Queen of Everything™ — doesn't wear makeup anymore.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

And still, this girl is on fire.

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Well two weeks ago, Alicia's cohost on The Voice, Adam Levine, was on The Howard Stern Show, where he was asked about Alicia being makeup-free.

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Levine, who said Keys is "so great," said he once saw her putting on a little and tried to jokingly call her out:

The Howard Stern SHow / Via
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And Alicia replied accordingly with "I do what the fuck I want."

The Howard Stern Show / Via

As you should, Alicia.

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This is proof that no one, no one, NO ONE can/should come for Alicia.

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Alicia: 1. Adam: 0.