Please Enjoy These 13 Hilarious Messages That Went Viral In June

    The dad text...

    1. This roof situation:

    Twitter: @isabeatty

    2. This geography fail:

    Twitter: @TheFlemishSeth

    3. This rant:

    Alright this MF could have just called me

    Twitter: @itscloudnai

    4. This "shy" texter:

    Twitter: @NoContextSomali

    5. This bizarre interaction:

    Twitter: @immrylee

    6. This highway message:

    aight now Virginia, that’s enough.

    7. This father's draggification:

    Twitter: @pbrian0206

    8. This email-style comment from the iconic Kathy Hilton:

    Thinking about that time last year when Kathy left a comment on an Instagram post thinking it was a text message (or email) #RHOBH

    Twitter: @queensofbravo

    9. This snarky dad text:

    told my dad i got a new job and this is his response? πŸ₯°

    10. And this understated dad text:

    Twitter: @meghara

    11. This mom text:

    Twitter: @xsamuelking

    12. This Reddit message:

    Guys the reviews are so overwhelming!! I love you guys so much πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’‹is this real life?πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    Twitter: @megstalter

    13. And lastly, this interaction:

    Twitter: @WholesomeMeme

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