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    Guys Are Sharing "Men Secrets" And They're Surprisingly Really Hilarious And Wholesome

    From balls to body image, here are some men secrets.

    Last week, I wrote a post about guys sharing "men secrets." Well, our BuzzFeed commenters came through with some additional examples of men secrets, and they're also pretty entertaining to read.

    Here's what they said:

    1. "Losing your hair is extremely distressing. It makes you feel unattractive, old, and insecure. Not everyone has the face/head to shave off remaining hair."


    2. "Adjusting the bits is second nature to men, and isn't something we even do consciously for the most part. All it takes is accidentally sitting on your balls once, and you will do anything to ensure it doesn't happen again. So please don't overreact if a guy adjusts his junk; he probably needed it, and probably didn't even realize he was doing it."


    3. "I love cuddling next to my wife as much as she loves doing it to me. It’s the feeling of being wanted and protected — that is just amazing."


    4. "Our balls are sweaty almost all of the time."


    5. "Women receive compliments from men (and other women) constantly, but it’s much more rare that anyone will compliment a guy for anything. There are some compliments that I received years ago that I still think about to this day."


    6. "Funny one: There are urinal rules when peeing. If no one is there, take a corner. If there is a urinal with a guy on the right, and nobody to the left remotely, go as far from said guy as possible."


    7. "I tend to shrug off compliments usually out of humility. Yes, they do make my day, but I don't let them go to my head. That being said, the one I hold onto the most came from my father when he stayed with my wife and me one weekend. I cooked dinner, and when we called my mom that night, he chimed in, 'The boy can cook!' It's been over 5 years, and I still smile at that one."


    8. "As a very short guy, it gets really frustrating and disheartening to see so many people put height requirements on their prospective male partners or be judgmental about height (which, unlike certain other physical factors, cannot be changed. So you’re literally judging someone for a physical trait they can’t help. You could be missing out on the best relationship of your life just because you don’t want to date someone under 5’10"."


    9. "As a guy, I can enjoy sex without an orgasm every time."


    10. "Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life and just cry, where nobody can see me. That can be in a room by myself with the door closed, to a silent car ride home, or even the shower."


    11. "Sometimes we're as dense as floorboards. A girl could be waving her phone in your face and you're thinking, I hope she doesn't drop it; it looks expensive.


    12. "While sitting on the couch or lying in the bed, we hold our balls. Nothing sexually, just a hand down the pants. Don't know why really."


    13. "Being able to think about absolutely nothing is great. My wife gets upset when she asks me what I’m thinking about and I honestly say 'nothing,' instead of lying. I guess she expects me to be thinking of the same thing as her, even though that makes no sense and she should know better after almost seven years of marriage."


    14. "Guys want romance, too. We have feelings. Most of us just aren’t comfortable showing them. Surprise us with dates. Hug us. Don’t make us do all the work. Make us feel loved, too."


    Men, do you have any secrets they may have missed? Let me know in the comments below!

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.