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Laverne Cox Encouraged Dylan Mulvaney To "Keep Things For Yourself" In Light Of Dylan's "Days Of Girlhood" TikTok Series, And People Think Laverne Is Just Looking Out For Dylan

"Laverne genuinely seems so sweet and she only wants the best for her."

By now, you probably know Dylan Mulvaney. Dylan rose to fame on TikTok for her series "Days of Girlhood," in which she documented her transitioning journey.

And you know Laverne Cox, who starred in Orange Is the New Black, Promising Young Woman, and more.

Laverne on the Grammys red carpet in a strapless leather column dress Egyptian-inspired embellishments

Well, at the Grammys on Sunday, Dylan approached Laverne on the red carpet. She posted the video she took of the two, and it's now gone viral.

@dylanmulvaney / Via tiktok.com

Dylan begins the video, "I'm about to walk up to Laverne Cox. We're at the Grammys. She's on my vision board this year." Then she approaches Laverne and tells her that she was on her vision board this year.

"I was on your 2023 vision board. That's lovely," Laverne responded. "It's insane that you're documenting so much of your life."

"Make sure you keep things to yourself. Everything cannot be for the public," Laverne added. "They love it, but everything cannot be for them."

Dylan slightly interrupted and said, "I just did my FFS [facial feminization surgery]," to which Laverne responded with this:

Laverne says "I know, girl, we know, it's all over TikTok"

IDK if Dylan asked Laverne to share what she wanted to say to her followers, but it cut to Laverne saying, "I want to say to everyone who's supporting her — thank you. I think it's really important that we have support from people and love from folks. I see all the love that you give her, and it's so important. It's not just important for her, but all of the trans people out there who maybe aren't getting that support."

Dylan then added, "Please give that love that you give to us to every trans person."

While some people sensed that Laverne didn't seem to be into the whole exchange...

Twitter: @joker_misato

@joker_misato you can always telll when Laverne dosent want a camera in her face lmaooo I love her

Twitter: @Vannialll

...the general consensus was that Laverne was just looking out for another trans woman:

laverne genuinely seems so sweet and she only wants the best for her 😭😭😭 I love her sm she exudes real mother energy https://t.co/BUPspXBGle

@dylanmulvaney / Via Twitter: @arisimcim

Laverne is such a muva 🥹😹 https://t.co/hHIzgNmbnx

Twitter: @arisimcim / Via @dylanmulvaney
Amy Jo P said "So lovely to see you chat to Laverne Cox! She speaks wisdom about not sharing everything with us in the public"
Kmartparkinglot commented "I'm screaming. Laverne really said let me get you together and make sure you're safe lol love that she made sure you had your own safety"


This post and its headline have been updated to better reflect the substance of their conversation.