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Khloé Kardashian Debuted A New Look And People Say She's Morphed Into Malika

"I can't unsee it."

You know Khloé Kardashian, obviously.

And you probs know her best friend Malika, too. She stars in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Well, Khloé debuted her new look on Instagram on Friday. She looks gorgeous...

Previously, she had long, straight blonde hair:

But now, people are noticing she looks just like Malika. The BFF combo literally was trending on Twitter:

People had a lot to say about the resemblance.

Someone wrote "did she morph herself into Malika?" I was like ubani? Who's this? It took me a minute to realise it's Khloe. Hayini! 👀


Am I trippin or she really just morphed herself into Malika!!!!!!!! ???


Has anyone checked in on Malika. What if Khloe literally took her face.

Someone said Khloe Kardashian copied Malika face and I can’t unsee it

So now best friends means you have to look alike?? Khloe smh Malika smh #khloe #Malika

Y’all think Khole paid Malika for her face or she just showed up acting like nothing happened?

Neither Khloé nor Malika have replied to the situation, but we'll update you if they do!