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I'm Obsessed With Julia Fox Documenting Herself Trying To Get Paparazzi To Notice Her

"Julia Fox is for the people."

By now, we all know Julia Fox.

Julia Fox and next Kanye West on the steps

The Uncut Gems actor grew to fame this year after her short-lived relationship with Kanye West after his divorce from Kim.

Julia Fox and Kanye West posing for a photo

And if it's one thing we love about Julia — she loves a good paparazzi moment.

Julia posing with her hand on her hip

Like, remember when she got papped like this while grocery shopping:

Julia packing her car with groceries in underwear and long jean jacket

And casually like this:

Juila in a bar top and leather pants

Like, I don't know if she calls them or just does this for shits and gigs, but she always seems to serve the looks right when paps are around.

Julia sitting on a rail with a leather top and long skirt

Well the actor/socialite gave us a kind of hilarious inside look into her world yesterday when she posted an Instagram story of her trying to get papped.

Julia wearing a bra top and feather jacket

She posted a video of her walking in one of her ~lewks~ and captioned it, "Decided to walk to increase the chances of being papped cuz the world needs this look. You're welcome."

Julia's IG story telling paps to come find her

Honestly, it's kinda refreshing to see a celeb admit that they want to be papped — like, in some ways, up-and-coming celebs like Julia benefit from and actually want the exposure.

Julia's IG story tagging her stylist

So, it's cool to see her be transparent about that. Like, yes do what you have to do!

Juila posing outside on the street at night

One viral tweet — with over 130,000 likes — read: "Julia Fox is for the people." I agree!

Twitter: @juliafoxsource

And it looks like her technique worked! She was, in fact, papped, and she did, in fact, serrrrve. Let's celebrate that! BYE!

julia foxx in fishnet bikini outfit in nyc