John Cena Says He's Sorry For Criticizing The Rock For Pursuing Acting

    "I spoke out of ignorance."

    You know John Cena. He invented the phrase "You can't see me."

    And you know The Rock. Obviously.

    Well years ago, John Cena criticized The Rock for doing both wrestling and acting.

    Now, John Cena has apologized to The Rock in an interview with Chris Van Vliet. "I owe a lot of what I've done in WWE and in cinema to Dwayne Johnson," he said. "He's always been genuine, he's always shot straight — and that's on TV and off TV."

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    John Cena has starred in major motion pictures like Trainwreck, Blockers, Daddy's Home 2, and others.

    The interviewer then asked what John would say to wrestlers who say he's doing — career-wise — what he previously criticized the Rock for doing. He said:

    I say they're 100% right... I selfishly in a very tunnel-vision feud I would say — or grievance with Dwayne, I tried to do whatever I could to harken him back to the WWE. Thank goodness he listened because we had some of the greatest entertainment...because of it. But from a genuine standpoint, if you're taking it for more than entertainment. If you're taking it as it was personal, I'm sorry, I was wrong. I spoke out of ignorance. When you do a movie you are not allowed to do anything else.... I spoke from ignorance I wasn't in the movie making business, I was in the WWE business. And I'm like, "Man you love this why aren't you here?"

    "I've told this to him that I'm sorry, and I can tell it to you," he said. "I spoke out of ignorance, I was wrong, and I'm sorry."

    As for those who want to criticize him, John Cena is not concerned. "For any WWE person right now saying, 'You're a part-timer. You're going to Hollywood.' They're absolutely right. And if they can't see why I'm making those moves, I don't expect them to. I don't expect to change their mind."

    Good for you, John!