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    17 Things You Do At People's Jobs That Annoy The Hell Out Of Them

    I didn't know people actually dissed pilots...

    Last month, people on Reddit shared things that people do at their place of work that annoy them. So, I asked people in the comments to sound off with examples of annoying things people do at their places of work.

    Here's what people said:

    1. Servers:

    "Don't complain that 'We ordered before them. Why did their food come first?' Like, they ordered two eggs over easy (a 2-minute dish). You ordered steak well done, french toast, eggs Benedict." — Nameless

    2. Servers, again:

    "If I ask if I can get you anything else, please don’t say a million dollars." — crm4700

    3. OB-GYN nurse:

    "The worst thing you can do is not be completely honest about your past and present. We need to know if you have multiple partners or have unprotected sex, not to judge you, but so you receive the very best care POSSIBLE! It is to protect you — that’s it." — A_Little_Bit_Alexis

    4. Food cashier:

    "When people have been in line for 20 minutes because it’s busy, and then have no idea what they want to eat when they get to the register." — seanpf

    5. Deli worker:

    "At the deli I worked in: 'How big is a six inch sub?' 12 inches, it’s 12 inches." — seanpf

    6. Therapist:

    "When people cancel after their appointment is supposed to have started or right before. Our clinic is owned by a corporate company. They don’t allow for a cancellation policy. Twenty-four hours is one thing, but when you cancel 30 minutes into an appointment when I’ve been waiting — I don’t get paid for that. The amount of people who do this..." — PandasWife

    7. Baristas:

    "When people order their Starbucks drink, but they’re not at a Starbucks. Don’t expect other baristas to know what’s in those drinks if you don’t." — HCSH19882007

    8. Starbucks barista:

    "At Starbucks, people walking up to the hand-off counter, picking up all the drinks with their filthy hands, then saying, 'Have you gotten to mine yet?' No, Sarah, you just fucking got here." — seanpf

    9. Dentists:

    "As a dentist, when people don’t brush their teeth before appointments. Come on!" — jilldibui

    10. Librarian:

    "Children’s librarian here: There’s a reason we have carts around the department that say, 'Leave items here for reshelving.' Please don’t reshelf yourself unless you are paying attention, and stop telling your 2-year-old who pulled a book off the shelf to put it back where they found it. The amount of books we can’t find that are probably just misshelved is insane." — teresadouglas489

    11. Vet technician:

    "When people bring their dog in without a leash or other small animal not in a carrier or cage! Unacceptable!" — g43b102ef6

    12. Bank teller:

    "Just hand over your ID! ... It is for your own protection! Ten years later and I’m still amazed at the people who yell at me when I ask for ID." — PHay22

    13. Daycare worker:

    "When people bring their sick kid in despite being told their kid needs to be symptom-free for 24 hours." — bryna3

    14. Grocery store cashier:

    "Please stop putting the things you don’t want in the candy and magazine displays by the register. We don’t care that you changed your mind about something but please just hand it to us so we don’t find it at the end of the day, and it’s gone bad because it’s been unrefrigerated for eight hours." — berniceklise

    15. Museum docent:

    "The worst are the folks we refer to as 'stump the chump.' They think they know more about your museum than you do, despite having never been there before and will ask you incessant questions trying to get you to mess up so they can say, 'Well, actually...' Sometimes they’ll even try to give your tour for you. I even once had a guy fact-checking everything I was saying on his phone while standing right in front of me." — OMGitsaclaire

    16. Retail worker:

    "Jokes about 'You deserve a raise' or 'I wish I could tip you' aren’t funny, especially when you’ve treated me like your personal shopper for the last two hours." — kristinem9

    17. Pilot:

    "When someone complains about the ride after I land in 50 mph gusty winds. 'Wow, was that your first time landing?' Shut up and get off my plane." — itsid8

    Wow, some people need to better.