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    Giada De Laurentiis Returned To "Ellen" And Talked About The Time Nicole Kidman Called Her Pizza "Tough"

    "She's not here, right?"

    Ok, so one of my favorite moments in pop culture is when celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis was on Ellen last May.

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    She and Nicole Kidman, who was also a guest, kinda shaded each other the whole time and then it culminated with four words to describe Giada's pizza:

    Well Giada returned to the show and Ellen brought up the infamous, now-viral moment:

    Giada joked "She's not here, is she?!"

    Ellen even made her rewatch the moment:

    But Giada and Ellen addressed what really happened with the pizza — they were made too early:

    And honestly, I feel bad for Giada. She said this time, she was constantly checking to make sure everything was perfect:

    But that doesn't mean she didn't throw a liiiiittle shade towards the end of the segment when they made — YUP — pizza.

    LMAO...can we please get these two on Ellen again ASAP?