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    Gal Gadot And Kate McKinnon Made Out On "SNL"


    So, on Saturday night, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot hosted SNL.


    Apparently, she killed it and was great. But let's just cut to the chase — she and Kate McKinnon made out!

    YouTube / Via

    Yup! In the sketch, McKinnon and Aidy Bryant's characters wash up on Themyscira, the island where island Wonder Woman lives...


    ...and this happened.


    Here it is again, just because.


    And here's a screenshot, just in case you have shitty service and the GIF doesn't load:


    People were like OMG YES:

    @bennetsgillan / Via Twitter: @bennetsgillan
    @delaknee / Via Twitter: @delaknee
    @jillboard / Via Twitter: @jillboard

    me: i rarely get emotional gal gadot: kisses kate mckinnon with her mouth open me:

    @haughtmila / Via Twitter: @haughtmila

    Ugh, an already iconic moment. You can watch it here!

    View this video on YouTube

    NBC / YouTube / Via

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