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    Updated on Dec 4, 2019. Posted on Dec 2, 2019

    14 Hilarious Fails From This Week

    "My grandpa has been drinking White Claws for a month without knowing they contain alcohol."

    1. This dog's fail:

    Happy Thanksgiving! My dog ate the cheesecake while we were in a different room!

    2. And this dog's:

    I guess we will just never solve the mystery of who stole the cookie...🤷‍♂️

    3. This Thanksgiving text fail:

    4. And this overall DM fail:

    This kid I used to babysit for almost ten years ago just found my IG and immediately dmed me to let me know that I was the first girl he ever jerked off to. Oh

    5. This mom's win that was a teacher fail:

    My son’s teacher has banned me from decorating my son’s bananas as they were causing too much of a ruckus in class & honestly... knowing my art caused a class of 6yos to riot is probably one of the best compliments I’ve ever recieved. I wish I took more photos before the ban.

    6. This label fail:

    They finally made fish-free cookies. Didn’t think it could be done

    7. This iPhone presentation fail:

    Jesus it’s enormous

    8. This dude's holiday fail:

    this year’s friendsgiving was one for the books 😌 📚

    9. This girlfriend's hysterical fail:

    10. This fail from Shawn Mendes:

    LOL wow. Tasted bad

    11. This bizarre one from Robert Pattinson:

    robert pattinson throwing his gum in a glass of water and then drinking from it

    12. And Kiernan Shipka's grandpa's fail:

    So my grandpa has been drinking White Claws for an entire month without knowing they contain alcohol

    13. This adorable fail:

    14. And lastly, this mother's turkey fail:

    I hope everyone’s thanksgiving is going better than my mother’s

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