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    People Are Sharing Their Dumbest, Worst Tattoos, And They're Bad β€” No, Like, Really Bad

    Someone please book laser removal for them...

    Recently, TikTok user @hannanicbic asked people, "What is the dumbest tattoo you've ever gotten?"


    Dumbest tattoo? Drink more aqua πŸ’¦ #tattoo #navy #fyp #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - Hanna Nic

    Hannah provided her own example β€” the word "hydrate" on her butt β€” that led others to share their own stories of tattoo ideas gone awry. Here are some of the best (aka worst):

    1. "Concealed firearm":

    2. "Raisin Hell":

    3. A poorly timed pre-pandemic "courageously and radically refuse to wear a mask" tattoo that was supposed to be about being true to yourself:

    4. "L" and "R" on their wrists:

    5. Nintendo 64 on their chest:

    6. A tattoo of the day of their first tattoo:

    7. Eeyore and his removed tail:

    8. A random Magneto lower back tattoo:

    9. A "boobee":

    10. Stick figure jumping on a trampoline:

    11. The timestamp of this The Office quote β€” Michael Scott saying, "I am dead inside."


    13. Bikini Bottom:

    14. The bee's knees:

    15. This figure:

    16. Croissant moon:

    17. And lastly, Times New Roman:

    Have you ever gotten a really bad tattoo? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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