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Dr. Phil Has Responded To Bhad Bhabie's Allegations Of Abuse And Then She Replied With Another Video

Dr. Phil gave an interview with NewsNation's Ashleigh Banfield.

Recently, celebs and non-celebs have started the #BreakingCodeSilence movement, where they open up about the alleged abuse they faced at camps and facilities for "troubled teens."

Paris protesting with a sign that says "Shut Down Provo"
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According to its website, #BreakingCodeSilence is "a social movement organized by survivors of institutional child abuse and activists to raise awareness of the problems in the Troubled Teen Industry, and the need for reform."

One of those celebs is Danielle Bregoli, aka rapper Bhad Bhabie, who rose to fame after going viral on Dr. Phil for saying, "Cash me ousside."


And a few weeks ago, Bhad Bhabie posted a video that detailed the alleged abuse she faced at Turn-About Ranch, the "therapeutic boarding school" Dr. Phil sent her to.

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In the video, she said she was sent to this ranch against her will.

"For the first three days you're there, there's no showering. They put you in a teepee, but it's open. You have to sit there for three days."

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"This place is all about taking away privileges," she said. "Like, ok, yeah, the phone is a privilege, the TV, yeah. But they take away, like, necessary privileges, like sleeping on a bed, eating good food, not being cold."

@BhadBhabie / Via

"Shit that's minor is major to them, so if you do something like the tiny tiniest thing, you get a check. If not, you have to be on reflection," she said. "Reflection is the punishment. When you do something so bad or if you do anything that ticks them off, you have to go on reflection. You walk in the arena for hours on end, you sit outside in the cold on the floor, you have to pick up piles in a wheelbarrow of horse shit."

Bhad Bhabie said she also witnessed the staff physically hold down a boy who tried leaving.

@BhadBhabie / Via

At the end of the video, Bhad Bhabie demanded an apology from Dr. Phil.

Bhabie said "And if you don't, I'm gonna handle things my way"
@BhadBhabie / Via

A few days after Bhad Bhabie's video was posted, Dr. Phil responded to the allegations in an interview with NewsNation's Ashleigh Banfield.

News Nation / Via

"She went to Turn-About four or five years ago. If she had a bad experience, obviously I would hate that," Dr. Phil said. "We'd be sorry about that."

News Nation / Via

"We don't have anything to do with what happens with guests once they leave the stage," he continued. "That's between the guardian and the parent, and whatever facility they go to. We’re not involved in that — we don’t have any feedback from them. So whatever happens when they’re there, that’s between them and the facility."

News Nation / Via

"I assume if she had a problem, she filed a complaint with the proper authorities or something five years ago," he added.

Ashleigh replied, "When you have a child like that, who's incorrigible, what do you do? What else is there, but tough love at a ranch or where else? You can't coddle kids like that."

NewsNation / Via

On Wednesday, Bhad Bhabie responded to Dr. Phil (and Ashleigh) in a new video, where she played clips from their interview.

View this video on YouTube

@BhadBhabie / Via

"Tough love at a fucking ranch? Tough love, to me, is like telling your kid 'no' when they want something. That's tough love. Malnourishing, humiliating, screaming at, sleep depriving — that's not fucking tough love," she said.

@BhadBhabie / Via

She also added that Ashleigh did not mention all the abuse allegations, just the sleep deprivation.

In response to Dr. Phil saying that he's "not involved," Bhad Bhabie said, "Are you fucking nuts? My mother signed a Consent of Release of Information to send progress reports directly from Turn-About to the Dr. Phil show."

@BhadBhabie / Via

Bhad Bhabie also brought up how the Dr. Phil show still has Turn-About listed on its website, despite the many pending lawsuits against the ranch.

Bhad Bhabie then pulled clips of Dr. Phil responding to questions about her in other interviews and brought up how much money and how many views she brought to the Dr. Phil show.

@BhadBhabie / Via

"I'm not done with you, Phillip. That was not a fucking apology," Bhad Bhabie said. "I've got something coming for you."

@BhadBhabie / Via

You can watch the full Dr. Phil here and the full Bhad Bhabie video response here.

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