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Doja Cat Has Responded To Lana Del Rey's Controversial Instagram Post About Women In Music

Definitely an, um, interesting reply.

You probably saw that Lana Del Rey penned an Instagram essay on her view of double standards in the music industry:

In the post, she mentions several artists who have gotten No. 1 records recently, while talking about sexual topics, like "being sexy, wearing no clothes, fucking, cheating, etc." One of the artists was Doja Cat.

People called out Lana for mentioning the other artists.

think Lana’s post would have been fine if she hadn’t compared herself to a group of mostly black women with the clear tone that she thinks she’s been treated worse by the media when that’s observably untrue

Well, Doja must've caught wind of the essay because she headed right over to Lana's Instagram.

I honestly don't know what it means, but I have three guesses:

— My fans shot my song to No. 1

— The group of women Lana called out "ended" Lana (like, stan Twitter language)

— ???????????????

Seems like people were just as confused as me:

doja cat: gang sunk that dunker literally everyone:

Pls @DojaCat PLEASE WE’RE DYING OUT HERE WHAT DOES “Gang sunk that dunker” meannnnnn

me trying to decode “gang sunk that dunker”

Either way, Lana must've seen Doja's comment and deleted it. Or, Doja deleted it herself because it's gone.

So yeah, if you have any idea what that means, let me know in the comments! BYE!