10 Awkward Moments From Coachella This Year

    The audio issues!!!!!!

    This Coachella 2023 was, well, interesting. Thankfully, Blackpink saved the entire festival with their show-stopping set. Still, the performances and festival were riddled with awkward moments and mishaps.

    The crowd at Coachella

    Here are some that people noticed:

    1. For starters, the Queen of Coachella, THE Vanessa Hudgens, was not present. She shared her FOMO on IG:

    Closeup of Vanessa Hudgens

    2. And thus, celebs — well — didn't exactly show out like they usually do for the festival:

    Closeup of a woman holding a drink at a festival

    3. Bad Bunny and Post Malone experienced audio issues during their performance:

    Bad Bunny and Post Malone experience audio difficulties at #Coachella.

    Twitter: @Variety

    4. Bad Bunny shaded Harry Styles during his performance of "El Apagón" by showing a screenshot of a tweet that read, "Good night, Benito could do 'As It Was,' but Harry could never do 'El Apagón.'"

    Twitter: @bahvr_

    5. The Weeknd intentionally omitted "Rolling Stone" while performing his song "Heartless."

    The Weeknd onstage

    6. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello danced together and served eighth grade dance:

    Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello dancing together at #Coachella.

    Twitter: @PopCrave / Via @Popcrave

    7. People pointed out how the audio for The Linda Lindas' set was off quite a bit:

    Bruh, whomever’s in charge of sound/audio for the Sonora Stage at #Coachella - should be fired. The Linda Lindas had problems with their mics throughout their entire set.

    Twitter: @bh3ndricks

    Everyone in charge of the audio for The Linda Lindas Coachella rager set needs to get kicked in the dick THEN fired. Total disrespect. Dead mics. No one fixing shit. They worked their ASSES off up there like some rock stars and the crew paid them DUST. THE LINDA LINDAS RULE.

    Twitter: @JorCru

    8. There were audio issues during a part of Blackpink's performance, too:


    Twitter: @__damnjennie

    9. Annnnnd Becky G's mic went out during her performance, and people were pissed:

    @_Ephemerallll / Via Twitter: @_Ephemerallll

    Someone fix Becky g mic the audio got me mf mad #BECKYCHELLA

    Twitter: @Samm43_

    if someone doesn’t fix ms becky g’s mic & stop doing her dirty🧍🏽‍♀️

    Twitter: @boraussyy

    10. In fact, the camerawork for the livestream was criticized by fans, as well:

    Coachella, you need to tell your cameraman to focus on #LISA, the main event esp during her parts and dance breaks 🙄 LISA COACHELLA COMEBACK #LisachellaIsHere

    @onlystanLISA / Via Twitter: @onlystanLISA

    cameraman keeps zooming in and out, like pick a side!!!!

    Twitter: @ot4beulping_

    What did you make of the performances this year? Let me know in the comments below!