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    Chris Brown Just Instagrammed Rihanna For Her Birthday And People Are Like WTF

    "Don't speak of her."

    OK, so today is the national holiday of Queen Rihanna's birthday.

    She turned 30 and everyone on social media is wishing her a happy birthday:

    Happy 30th Birthday to Rihanna, easily the hottest, most iconic hitmaking no fux given pop star of the last ten yea…

    Happy birthday to Rihanna of the House of Fenty, First of Her Name, Server of Looks, Minder of Her Business, Creato…

    ...including her ex Chris Brown, who posted a baby pic of her on Instagram.

    Brown wished her a happy birthday in the caption and tagged her:

    Earlier this month, Brown tweeted about going on tour with Rihanna:

    He ALSO commented "👀" on one of her Instagrams in the summer:

    So at this point, people are like, WTF?!

    Others were saying that Chris has changed and that people should move on from what has happened:

    If you have thoughts about this situation, let us know what you think in the comments below!