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    Apr 30, 2017

    17 Times Beyoncé Was The Queen Of Not Giving A Fuck

    "I'm a diva, best believe her."

    1. When she treated this performance at a daycare like it was the Super Bowl.


    2. When Farrah was sick and Beyoncé did not think she should be working:


    3. When she stuck up for Kelly and Michelle after Wendy Williams called the group "Beyoncé and the Girls":

    4. And when she stuck up for Lauryn Hill at the BET Awards after the boyband Mindless Behavior insulted Hill earlier:


    5. When she cropped Kelly out of her picture with Aaliyah:

    @KillerQueen / Via

    6. And when she had this zinger for her graphics guy:

    Sony Music

    7. When an interviewer asked her if Jay Z wanted to have kids, and she wasn't having it:


    8. And when Tyra got a little too close to a cutout of Jay Z and Beyoncé messed with her:


    9. And when she took a picture with Nicki Minaj but wouldn't touch her:

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    (In all honesty, though, it was an action shot.)

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    10. When she told her mom to stop with the corny jokes:

    11. When she fell down the stairs — HARD — and kept rocking the fuck out:

    @lern2play / Via

    12. And when her hair got stuck in the fan and she kept singing her ass off:

    @WebDesignsMiami / Via

    13. When she accidentally shaded Kelly during the Formation Tour:

    Handout / Getty Images

    14. The whole "Hold Up" video:

    Sony Music

    15. The whole "Sorry" video:

    Sony Music

    16. Actually, just the whole Lemonade album:

    Sony Music

    17. And, last but not least, when Whoopi Goldberg told her "You are Beyoncé," and she iconically replied, "Thank you."

    when whoopi goldberg told beyoncé "you are beyoncé" & beyoncé said thank you

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