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    Bad Bunny Posted A Naked Selfie And It's Quenched My Thirst More Than 182 Gatorades

    He actually went off.

    If you clicked on this post, it's because you're a thirsty MF'er like me.


    Let's get right to it.


    You know rapper/legend/king Bad Bunny. He's responsible for some of the biggest hits of recent years, like "La Canción," "Que Pretendes," and "I Like It," his song with Cardi B and J Balvin.

    Anyway, Bad Bunny posted a naked selfie on his Instagram for his upcoming appearance at WrestleMania 37. Prepare yourself...


    OK, here you go:

    Bad Bunny flexing his arm as he poses naked with his lower half barely covered by what looks like a box on a counter
    @badbunnypr / Via Instagram: @badbunnypr

    He snapped...

    @badbunnypr / Via Instagram: @badbunnypr

    And Gatorade is now officially canceled because this quenches thirst way more effectively, according to top doctors*.

    An X over a Gatorade cooler
    Todd Kirkland / Getty Images


    The strength of 200 waters.

    A man pouring water into a glass
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    Pedialyte is shaking because this is curing my dehydration much faster.

    A bottle of Pedialyte with the caption "Thanks a lot, Bad Bunny"
    Lpettet / Getty Images

    Anyway, let's now just appreciate the photo some more.

    @badpunnypr / Via Instagram: @badbunnypr

    He understood the assignment...

    @badbunnypr / Via Instagram: @badbunnypr

    ...and for that we are grateful.

    @badbunnypr / Via Instagram: @badbunnypr

    Thank you for blessing our weekend, Bad Bunny. We'll be expecting the same next week, please. <3

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