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    Andy Cohen Read Some Reallllly Thirsty Tweets And It's A Lot


    Obviously, you know the king of reality TV and housewives — Andy Cohen.

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Andy's no stranger to risqué topics, so we had him read some suuuuper thirsty tweets about himself...

    ...and the thirst was REALER than the Real Housewives.

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    What's up with Andy Cohen's tennis outfit and why is my cock harder than it's ever been? JEWISH EYE CANDY.

    Chris Gera / BuzzFeed

    Same RT @HoraceBraxton @Andy I wanna suck your dick I wanna sit on your face suck my hole dry, until I prolapses

    Chris Gera / BuzzFeed

    @Andy I want Andy Cohen to slam me harder than Teresa slammed that table while calling me a prostitution whore

    Chris Gera / BuzzFeed

    Did y'all see Andy Cohen's tongue hot damn I bet he eats good ass

    Chris Gera / BuzzFeed
    Chris Gera / BuzzFeed

    Wanna thirst over Andy even more? Make sure to check him out on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!

    Chris Gera / BuzzFeed

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