Chrissy Teigen's Bodyguard Walked Out After Andy Cohen Called Him Hot On Camera


    Chrissy Teigen appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week, where she broke down Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives drama.

    closeup of chrissy on the show

    But mid-interview, Andy said, "Your bodyguard is so hot."

    andy and chrissy sitting across from each other

    "Oh my god, Steven!" Chrissy said. "He's an ex-Marine. You guys are all checking out Steven."

    closeup of chrissy

    Then the camera panned to Chrissy's bodyguard, who lingered on camera for a little...

    the bodyguard standing against the wall

    He gave it a few more seconds, as the camera stayed on him:

    "He's gonna be mortified," Chrissy said, as the camera stayed on him.

    But then eventually, the bodyguard was like, "I'm out" and left.

    him leaving

    "Oh, he's out," Andy said. "Is he mad?"

    andy and chrissy laughing

    "No, he's not mad! He's got a lot of kids and a wonderful wife. He's gonna die."

    closeup of chrissy

    Hopefully, he wasn't too embarrassed or uncomfortable by the call-out!

    You can watch Chrissy's full interview with Andy on Peacock now!