Alec And Billy Baldwin Commented On Ireland Baldwin's Pic, And It's Legit Every Dad And Uncle


    You know actor Alec Baldwin. Really no intro needed.

    This is his daughter Ireland. She's a 23-year-old model.

    Sometimes when Ireland posts Instas, Alec will leave the most peak dad comments ever. Like here:

    Well, on Friday, Ireland posted this Insta, which, like, slay:

    And I'm dead at her dad's comment:

    My family members any time I post a thirst trap:

    Oh yeah, and her uncle, actor Billy Baldwin, commented too:

    Anyway, people loved Alec and Billy's comments:

    I think it's pretty obvious they're kidding, but just in case: Ireland is an adult, and she can post whatever she wants, guys! That's all, bye!