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    17 Taylor Swift Instagram Comments That Belong In A Museum

    Queen of Instagram.

    1. When she had this hilarious advice for a newly licensed driver:

    2. When she thanked these fans for their long drive:

    3. When she Taylurked this texting convo:

    4. When she complimented this fan's lewk:

    5. When she comforted a fan who was overwhelmed and sad:

    6. When she longed over ice cream:

    7. When she comforted this fan, who was going through a breakup:

    8. When she commented this on a loyal fan's post:

    9. When she wasn't sure if commenting on Kelsea Ballerini's pic was weird:

    10. When she told Camila she invented being cute:

    11. When she helped this fan, who was being bullied:

    12. When she thanked loyal couple for sticking with her through all the crazy years:

    13. When she related to a fan who's been name-called:

    14. And helped this fan, who was being picked on:

    15. When she commended a fan for switching schools:

    16. When she praised a fan's Halloween costume:

    17. And last but not least, here's her best Instagram comment of all time:

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