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15 Random But Awesome Things That Happened This Week

Just because everything's shit now.

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1. This hilarious first pitch happened:

2. This dog hangout happened:

3. And this accidental cat ensemble happened:

4. A dog reunited with his owner after Judge Judy set the dog free and had him pick the real owner:


5. This guy perfectly fulfilled his big brother protective duties:

Sisters first date so I had to regulate and do my brotherly duties.

6. Taylor Swift wiped out her social media, which means a new album is coming!

All of Taylor's social media accounts and her website are currently blacked out 👀

7. A Cheetos pop-up restaurant opened:

8. This squirrel stole a shitload of toilet paper for their nest:

This squirrel went nutty for outhouse toilet paper in Nordegg, "pulling and pulling and pulling." MORE:…

9. It was announced that Bonnie Tyler is going to sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during the eclipse:

10. The Cookie Monster participated in the Share the Laughter challenge:

Me challenge @jimmyfallon, @WhoopiGoldberg, @TheRock, & @mindykaling! (Me hope jokes are about coooookies!)…

11. This fan had an incredible experience meeting Lady Gaga:

Read this beautiful backstage experience at the #JoanneWorldTour Sacramento and watch Lady Gaga talk about it here:…

12. This woman whose wedding ring was missing for 13 years finally found it — wrapped around a misshapen carrot.

'I still can't figure it out:' Canadian woman, 84, finds lost wedding ring around a misshapen carrot. #odd

13. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, aka Jack and Rose, hung out:

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are clearly actually Jack and Rose in a parallel universe

14. This dog went shopping:

15. And Nicolas Cage was Nicolas Cage AF this week:

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