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14 Times Celebs Did Something And Then There Were...Just...Crickets...

Live for these moments.

DISCLAIMER: This post is to prove that celebs are just as awkward as us! It's not hating on them β€” it's actually appreciating/admiring their awkwardness despite them being rich and beautiful!


1. When Ariana Grande introduced the Weeknd with a pun that wasn't fully appreciated:


2. When Bella Thorne threw shade at PewDiePie at the Teen Choice Awards by pretending she couldn't pronounce his name, and everyone was like ??


3. When Katy Perry was on Ellen and kept saying bizarre things that no one fully understood:


4. When Kim Kardashian revealed this:


5. When Taylor Swift did a Minnesota soccer mom impression during a radio interview and everyone was like ... ??? ....


6. When Kendall Jenner struggled to introduce One Direction, then ducked from the camera to recover, and then revealed she's a bad reader. Everyone was like EXCUSE ME???


7. And when there was total silence after Kendall Jenner got mad at a cue card holder:


8. When Iggy Azalea did this on the radio:

Flash back to the time a caller ringed in to tell Iggy Azalea that her freestyle (that she had done literally seconds before) was trash Forever funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

9. When Kanye announced he was a god:

10. When Nancy Kerrigan delivered this cricket-inducing monologue on SNL:

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11. When Andy Samberg recently made this A Star Is Born joke and no one laughed:


12. When Rebel Wilson made this joke about Prince Harry and it fell flat (and she knew it):


13. 4. When Rita Ora tried to prank The Voice of Germany by pretending to be a contestant and no one understood:

Rita Ora performing "Your Song" on The Voice of Germany. She was a part of the blind auditions lol

14. When Jessica Simpson kinda rambled on Ellen and everyone was like WTF??


15. And last but not least, when Stacey Dash induced crickets with her random appearance at the Oscars:


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