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14 People Who Give Literalllllly No Fucks

"Because I am a stone cold bitch." — S.E. Hinton

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1. These two friends, who both tried to get into Black Panther for the price of one:

2. This guy, who just wanted to enjoy a cigarette — under the subway:

Been living in NYC way too long. Saw a guy on the tracks this AM, with the B train speeding ahead. Tried to pull hi…

3. This girl, who set up the most IDGAF decoration:

4. And this girl, who issued a really savage burn:

5. This student, who didn't even bother to hide her bottle:

6. This anonymous student, who created a fake email account so they could impersonate the professor and cancel the exam:

7. This girl, who used her Chuck E. Cheese job to scare kids:

Why haven't I been fired yet lmao I love scaring kids

8. This grandma, who gave no fucks about taping Harry Potter over the pope's funeral:

9. And this eight-year-old student submitted an iconic journal entry at school:

I am crying at this little boys journal entry 😭😭😭😭😭

10. This dad, who was in Hawaii during the false alarm missile threat alert and gave literally no fucks:

11. This guy, who used his KFC bucket to get more soda:

12. And this professor, who couldn't care less about his student taking an exam:

13. This ex, who gives no fucks about their ex going to jail:

You know what..... my ex should've kept me blocked

14. And last but not least, when the author of The Outsiders responded to a reader like this:

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