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    14 Celebs Who Just Didn't Give A Fuck At All This Week

    "Let's just fight."

    1. Amy Schumer answered a bunch of sex questions on Ellen in front of her mom:

    2. Sarah Silverman tweeted this:

    3. Cardi B cropped Ellen right out of her Insta:

    4. And then Ellen called her out on it:

    5. Kanye West gave no fucks about releasing these:

    track pant boots 🤷‍♂️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    6. Justin Bieber did this:

    7. Nicki Minaj said this:

    8. Seth Rogen posted this 4/20 pic:

    9. Bella Thorne called out a hater:

    10. Rafael Nadal threw shade at Roger Federer for skipping the French Open:

    There [are] tournaments that I can't imagine missing on purpose, because [they are] tournaments that I love to play. I don't see myself missing Monte Carlo on purpose. I don't see myself missing Wimbledon on purpose, or the U.S. Open, or Australian, or Rome. These kind of events, I don't see missing [them]. Of course, when you get older, you need to adjust a little bit more the efforts and the calendar. But for me [it] is difficult to say I don't play, for example, grass, or I don't play hard [courts]. [It] is not in my plan, but I can't say 'never' because I cannot predict what's going to be in the future." Nadal, on whether he'd skip tournaments on purpose.

    11. Lisa Rinna poked fun at herself:

    12. Rihanna was down to fight:

    13. Ariel Winter clapped back:

    14. And Chris D'Elia gave no fucks about clapping back about a color: