What Kind Of Drink Are You Going To Need After Work Tonight?

Help us help you help yourself. And no, you can’t use this quiz as an excuse if you come to work hungover tomorrow.

    1. FOX
    2. ABC
    3. HBO
    1. ABC
    2. CBS
    3. FOX
    1. CBS
    2. HBO
    3. NBC
    1. “I’m looking pretty sexy today I think.”
    2. “Fun and kind of flirty.”
    3. “These pants had the belt already in the loops so I wore them.
    4. “Comfortable and mature.”
    5. “I’ve been wearing the same clothes since college.”
    6. “Professional but still pretty hip.”
    7. “Business casual… sort of…”
    8. “I’m kind of a mess.”
    9. “Uh, functional.”
    1. FOX

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