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    Wearing Women's Panties On Your Face Is All The Rage In Japan

    It's called "Panty Face" and involves schoolgirls wearing women's underwear on their faces. That's it really.

    This is Hentai Kamen, "the abnormal super hero," he wears women's underwear on his face and fights crime.

    Here's the trailer:

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    He's basically a really homo-erotic parody of a Power Ranger.

    The movie, in a chicken-or-egg scenario, is either inspired by or has inspired a very strange trend called "kaopan" or "face panties."

    These photos are from a photo book released in Japan that show girls in school uniforms doing every day activities like karaoke...

    Or uh, playing the recorder...

    Doing laundry...

    Or going to school, but doing all of it while wearing panties on their heads.

    Kotaku is saying the photo book appears to be a parody, but the line between parody and fetish appears to have been blurred.