There Is A Guy On Vine Missing His Arm and Legs Who Pretends To Be A Zombie And Pranks Strangers

Meet Nick Santonastasso. As you can see, he’s got a pretty good sense of humor about himself.

1. Here’s Nick’s first zombie prank:

2. His followers thought it was so funny he decided to do it another. Though it ended a little differently than he expected.

3. Which went on to inspire a Change.orge petition to get Nick on The Walking Dead.

Nick Santonastasso


Get Nick Santonastasso on Walking Dead: Please Robert Kirkman put Nick on Walking Dead. via @change

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4. His friends behind the petition said that Santonastasso’s made the best out of his situation and it’d be really amazing if he could take his awesome attitude to TV.

5. When Nick was 14 he was profiled by the New Jersey Star-Ledger:

Since his birth without legs and with only one arm in 1996, he has done what he had to do.

Nick lived when some thought he might die. He moved without legs, propelling himself with speed and agility. He became popular in school and his Bayville neighborhood, when some thought he’d be isolated. He learned how to throw a football, hit a baseball, skateboard like a demon, play drums, and even hunt deer with his father.

6. His Vine account isn’t all pranks; there’s some pretty inspirational stuff on there too.

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